An Exhibition About the Great Forest Has Opened in Debrecen

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As the opening event of the Great Forest’s Week program series, an exhibition presenting Hungary’s most beautiful forest, the Debrecen Great Forest, opened in the New Town Hall Gallery on October 9th, 2023.

János Mazsu, the chairman of the Forestry Society and the Debrecen Stock Exchange Committee, said at the opening that the exhibition entitled Our Forestry fits into the series of the Debrecen Stock Exchange and the series of events of the Great Forest’s Week, and in some respects also to what we feel when the seasons change. As he said, the chamber exhibition also invites visitors to a spiritual and spiritual adventure. On one side, 14 photographers show how they see the Great Forest, while the other pillar of the exhibition is the Nature Museum’s exhibition entitled Leaf Secret.

“We from Debrecen have always known that the Great Forest is the most beautiful forest in Hungary, but now we have a paper about it, since we won this award. But this also required community activity, as it had to be voted on and the people of Debrecen were active” – said Deputy Mayor Ákos Balázs. He noted that one of the best things on weekdays is when we have enough time to go out into the forest and do sports, read, relax, or be with our friends and family members. He emphasized that the Great Forest’s Week program series is the result of a broad collaboration, and one of the protagonists of the exhibition opening today is the photography club, which has been operating for 90 years, holding together and adding to the city.

András Máthé, the president of the Photo Club of Debrecen, drew attention to the fact that the pictures are worth looking at and studying closely, because each one is a work of art in its own right. As he said, the exhibited images are simple nature photos, but they are accompanied by very serious expertise and competence. Zoltán Váradi, the head of the Natural History Museum, said that although the Secret of Leaves is a previous exhibition, it is a great honor to have it here. He added that as part of the exhibition, a re-mixable puzzle awaits visitors.

The exhibition “Our Great Forest” can be viewed until November 5th, 2023 during the opening hours of the New Town Hall.

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