A new baby was born in the Debrecen Zoo, we hope it won’t spit in our faces

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The Debrecen Zoo also has many attractions in autumn, where on September 11 another healthy offspring was born in the group of llamas. The little mare is getting stronger and more active, although she will need her mother’s care for a long time. Like the foals born in recent years, its coloring is white on the front and dark brown on the back, which has been a tradition in the institution ever since the arrival of Negro, the black stallion from the Kassai Zoo, to its white mares in 2016.

Since llamas live in groups consisting of a stallion and his mares, the one-week-old foal will also move after puberty, but this year we can definitely meet him and his half-sibling born in May on the South American catwalk.

The largest New World camel species, the llama domesticated from the wild guanaco is now a popular farm animal worldwide. Individuals brought up in the right environment are friendly and inquisitive and contrary to popular belief, they only spit on their peers – mainly during dominance fights – so there is nothing to fear from the peaceful Debrecen team, which is growing with offspring every year.

(Dr. Sándor Gergely Nagy – Executive Director)

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