World Cleanup Day: employees of companies in Debrecen picked up trash

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World Cleanup Day is one of the largest annual social action programs of our time, uniting 191 countries around the world for a cleaner planet. The aim of the movement is to fight against the amount of solid waste. The one-day campaign is coordinated by the global NGO Let’s Do It World (LDIW), which is based in Tallinn, Estonia. They are present in 164 countries, and this organization is an accredited member of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA).

The first garbage collection was in May 2008 in Estonia, with only 50,000 people, but in 2022, more than 14.9 million people in 191 countries of the world will have collected 60,000 tons of garbage. The next World Garbage Collection Day will take place on September 16, 2023. With the goal of creating a tradition, Debrecen will also join the World Cleanup Day global garbage collection campaign for the first time this year. The aim of the local movement called “It should be taken in Debrecen…” is, on the one hand, to strengthen the social responsibility of companies for environmental purposes in the city, and on the other hand, to draw attention to the existing problem of illegal garbage dumping. The event and the local collaboration are coordinated by the EDC Debrecen Nonprofit Kft., Debrecen County Right-of-Way Municipal Government, Nyírerdő Zrt., Haláp és Nagycsere Civil Guard Association, Debrecen Public Area Authority, Zrínyi Miklós Hunting Association and Debrecen-Nagycsere-Halápi Reformed Missionary Church, With the support of AVE Ásványvíz Kft. and the Contemporary Cultural Foundation.

The event took place with the participation of local companies, such as BMW Manufacturing Hungary Kft., Decathlon United, Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions, EDC Debrecen Nonprofit Kft., EPAM Systems Kft., Szinorg Universal Zrt., Kft., Synergy Construction Hungary Kft. ., Thyssenkrupp Components Technology Hungary Kft., Transcosmos Kft., Trans-Sped Kft. and the dedicated colleagues of Vitesco Technologies collect the garbage together. A total of around 130 employees of the 12 companies clean the area of Erdőspuszták from waste on nearly 53 km2, which is awarded by the city administration with a certificate recognizing their participation. As part of the environmental action, the participating organizations fill 6 containers with a total of 70 m3 of waste.

The participating organizations do not only do this one day to make us live in a cleaner, more livable city, but they are also committed in the long term to elevating environmental protection, sustainability goals and social responsibility among the organizational core values.

Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions has long placed great emphasis on sustainability. In addition to the establishment of the company’s electric car and bicycle fleet, they organize a number of green volunteer programs, and their colleagues participate several times a year in the cleaning of the Great Forest in Debrecen as part of a self-organized garbage collection campaign.

Decathlon’s mission is to make the joy and beneficial effects of sports accessible to as many people as possible in a sustainable way. As part of their sustainability strategy, they make measurable and public commitments that are in line with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. Their main areas of action include circular services, eco-design products, the use of renewable energy, proper waste management and the organization of engaging events. “For them, World Cleanup Day is not only about cleaning public spaces of discarded waste. For many of us, movement in nature means true relaxation. Still, the idyllic overall picture is often spoiled by abandoned mountains of garbage along the shores of our popular hiking trails, bike paths, and quiet fishing ponds. With our participation in the event, we want to change this and draw attention to the protection of our natural values.”

At Trans-Sped, social responsibility and sustainable thinking are an integral part of the corporate culture. Sustainable development and minimization of environmental burden are also primary principles during the company’s daily operations, which is excellently exemplified by the launch of our ZERO service at the end of 2021, enabling the delivery of small packages free of single-use packaging throughout the country.

As a leading general contractor in Hungary, Synergy Construction’s goal is to promote sustainable construction solutions, and they also pay special attention to ensuring that their employees are not only excellent professionals but also individuals committed to social responsibility. In support of this, the company tries to support as many local initiatives as possible, such as the current garbage collection campaign.

As the dominant platform of domestic e-commerce, Shoprenter is also dedicated to supporting causes that help the next generation to live in a livable world. In this spirit, there are 3 pillars of their CSR strategy: Healthy, Green, and Supportive Shoprenter. That is why they care about the health of our colleagues and their families, participate in environmental campaigns, and support those in need through various initiatives.

The SZINORG group also joined the local event of the global garbage collection campaign with great enthusiasm. The company group has actively contributed to programs supporting urban sustainable development since 2021. In 2022, thanks to their environmentally friendly projects, they also received the Sustainable Debrecen Award, as they are open to any solution that can make the city of Debrecen greener in the hope of a cleaner environment.

Vitesco Technologies is a leading international developer and manufacturer of modern drive technologies for clean mobility. Not only do their products serve to achieve a sustainable future, but they also work worldwide to show this strategic value to the outside world through our exemplary colleagues. September 11-17. Their Green Week campaign, organized between The garbage collection campaign organized on the occasion of World Cleanup Day fits perfectly with this narrative and provides a great opportunity for the enthusiastic team from Debrecen to contribute to the protection of our immediate environment.

For Thyssenkrupp, social sustainability is a fundamental part of the corporate strategy. “Together with our partners, we look to the future, and in our decision-making processes, we take into account both ecological and social aspects in addition to business aspects. It is important for us to support the community in which we operate, and to participate in their lives as active players. We believe that we should not only make a profit but also have a positive impact on our environment and communities. In this context, active participation in the city’s waste collection program is our self-evident duty.”

For Transcosmos, the pursuit of sustainability as a way of thinking is part of the company culture, just like social responsibility. Due to their industry, it is mainly the tools necessary for office work, the workplace environment, the use of green means of transport, and responsible waste management that manifests itself every day. In addition, they help and get involved in local initiatives, associations, foundations, and civil organizations in many ways with our colleagues, from collecting school supplies for needy children to helping four-legged animals living in animal shelters, to environmental actions, such as the “You should pick it up in Debrecen” event.

The volunteer colleagues of BMW Group Gyár Debrecen are happy that members of their enthusiastic team can contribute to the beautification of the Erdőspuszta area, which is a popular resting and hiking spot for many. The Bavarian premium manufacturer pays particular attention to sustainability in everyday life at individual educational events, as well as within the framework of community events.

“EPAM is committed to sustainability and environmental protection, and in the spirit of this, in recent years we have not only participated but also launched many of our own “green” initiatives. Examples of this are our tree-planting campaigns organized several times, as well as the regularly held bike breakfasts, during which we encourage the members of our community to live a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle. We are proud that, in connection with World Cleanup Day, we can work together with other local companies to protect our environment,” said Vinkó Bence, managing director of EPAM Hungary.

(EDC Debrecen City and Economic Development Center)

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