Road Renovation Works Have Started on Segner Square

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As part of the Debrecen 2030 program, large-scale road improvements will continue in the city. Their primary purpose is to replace old and damaged asphalt pavements and, if necessary, to improve the structure of the roadway in order to improve the quality and safety of traffic.

On September 11th – Monday – after the morning traffic peak, the road renovation of Segner square began on the section between Kishegyesi road and Hatvan street. Csaba Papp, the local government representative of the district, held a press conference on the site about the investment. As he recalled, among others, the four-lane construction of Segner square and Pesti street was completed in September 1999. The section of road to be renovated has been serving road users since then, so it is ripe for reconstruction.

The city government will provide HUF 120 million to carry out the works. The representative drew the attention of motorists to avoid this section of the road as much as possible, which is possible by using the western bypass (Nagy Imre street – Tisza István street – Antall József street).

If you cannot avoid Segner square, drive with great care, and be sure to pay attention to the posted traffic signals when passing, as they may change even daily due to the work being staged. According to the plans, the construction will last until the end of October, but if the weather conditions allow it, the contractor will do everything to ensure that the intersection can be fully returned to traffic as soon as possible. Csaba Papp, in addition to the one that just started on Segner square, mentioned several road development projects from the recent past – such as those taking place on Nyugati street, Pesti street, Mester street, Bethlen street, as well as the implementation of the third section of the western minor circuit – which have significantly improved the area of ​​his district the traffic conditions.

He also mentioned the related bicycle path developments and the creation of the bicycle zone, which significantly increase and make the area safer by bicycle, and also contribute to the practice of a healthy lifestyle.

The Segner square interchange is an important urban traffic “artery” that connects large housing estates with the city center. A large-scale renovation of the road section has definitely become necessary, thus making the use of the road more comfortable, safer and more environmentally friendly. The renovation works started with the partial demolition of the roadside and the local replacement of the roadway structure on the downtown (Hatvan street) side, with the closure of the accelerator and outer straight lane there. During the construction works, the municipality will have the pavement renovation of all traffic lanes and intersections carried out, on a total of about 3,500 square meters, and the complete reconstruction of the bus stop on the side of Segner square facing Tócóskert (the “Nyugati street” stop) will also begin. During this period, the buses stop at temporarily designated places.

Photos: Debrecen Municipality

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