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In addition to the special guided tours, performative lectures, groundbreaking round table discussions and all-day art education sessions, MODEM welcomes those interested to the Night of Museums 2023 on June 24 with live music screenings of classic silent films and a concert by Dj Bootsie.

They put a lot of emphasis on programs for foreigners, they prepare guided tours in English and Stand Up Comedy. MODEM is participating for the first time as a museum institution in the Night of Museums, it welcomes guests for an exclusive tour and a tour of works of art.

16:30 Ringató – art education program for families with Horváth Zsuzsi / 2nd floor
16:30 Casual museum pedagogy session/reception area
16:30 Re:Talk – groundbreaking round table discussion with Veiszer Alinda, Süli-Zakar Szabolcs, Pólik József, Dombi Tibor and Hajdu Imelda / inner garden
16:30 MOVIE KNIGHTS: Live music on the movie screen – Re:Make works in MODEM / 3rd floor
16:30 Guided tour with curator T. Nagy Katalin / ground floor exhibition space
17:00 Artifact WarehouseTOUR with Vizi Kata / MODEM Artifact Warehouse – ground floor
17:30 Performance by actor Mercs János and actor Katona Gábor / 2nd floor
17:30 Arco Nobile concert/ground floor exhibition space
18:00 Story-based museum pedagogy session with Csőke Kitti (5-11 years) / ground floor exhibition space
18:30 Artifact storageTOUR in English with Vizi Kata / MODEM art storage – ground floor
19:00 Guided tour with Papp Sára Irisz in English / ground floor exhibition space
19:00 Guided tour with curator Süli-Zakar Szabolcs / 2nd floor
20:00 Stand-Up in English with Hot Paprika Comedy / 3rd floor
20:00 Artifact WarehouseTOUR Vizi Kata / MODEM Artifact Warehouse – ground floor
20:30 Story-based museum pedagogy with Csőke Kitti (5-11 years) / 2nd floor
21:00 DJ BOOTSIE Trio & VJ Mimikri concert / inner garden
21:00 Guided tour with Dr.Hoffmann Miklós / ground floor exhibition space
22:00 Guided tour with Dr. Lakó Zsigmond in English / 2nd floor
23:00 Guided tour with Péter Gemza Péter / 2nd floor
23:00 Artifact WarehouseTOUR with Vizi Kata / MODEM Artifact Warehouse – ground floor
Along the Line – exhibition from the MODEM collection – foreground
Keserű Károly Keserü: Round and round – ground floor exhibition space
Re:Re – Artistic re-enactments, the art of re-enactment – 2nd-floor exhibition space
700 HUF between the ages of 6-14
and 2,000 HUF from the age of 15
From JUNE 12:
1000 HUF between the ages of 6-14
and 2,500 HUF from the age of 15
Tickets are available at or at the MODEM ticket office. The annual pass is valid for all MODEM events of the Night of Museums.


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