Children’s Day in Zoo Debrecen

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Between May 27 and 29, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., children will play the main role in Debrecen’s most diverse leisure facility, where the wonders of nature renewed in spring, unlimited amusement park adventures and a large-scale cavalcade of programs await young and old.

There is no Children’s Day without the Park’s own celebrants, the stars of the spring baby boom: the general public will be able to meet the country’s only South African piglets, Zoli and Vazul, the gray cattle calves, Noémi, the Shetland pony and Maja, the wild donkey foal, as well as the large goat team and the petting zoo with its lambs. The all-day Animals in Action program, supplemented by a falconry show, will be waiting for you with a special festive edition, but the amusement park’s more than 20 gaming machines, which can be used without limits as part of the third wristband promotion of the year, are an indispensable part of the fun.

In view of Pentecost, this year’s three-day holiday will offer an unforgettable experience with many cultural programs, including the performances of iconic children’s culture actors such as the Kaláka ensemble or the poet János Lackfi. But in the spirit of preserving tradition, the children can also participate in the election of a king and a queen’s visit on Pentecost, as well as other thematic folk games. Balloon clowns and face-painting will also provide unforgettable relaxation, and families can also watch sports and dance performances by local associations. The Hungarian Red Cross is preparing a playful, yet educational Teddy Bear Hospital, and the teenagers and young adults are waiting for exciting anime and superhero situational games.

In view of the rich program, the Amusement Park can be visited during the long weekend with an entrance fee of HUF 1,500 per person or with a magic wristband that provides unlimited use of the slot machines, while the zoo entrance tickets, which also entitle the visitor to the amusement park, are available at normal prices on site and online in advance.

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