Deutsche Liga: the team of the Debrecen municipality won the football tournament

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On May 6, a small-field soccer tournament called the Deutsche Liga was organized at the Böszörményi út campus of the University of Debrecen with the support of the local government, the Debrecen local government announced.

In Debrecen, since 2017, the Deutsche Liga means that teams from German-affiliated companies in Debrecen play ten-minute round-robin matches against each other. This sports event is a good example of how the municipality, the German Cultural Forum of Debrecen and companies related to the German language in some way join forces because they want to encourage the people of Debrecen to learn the language.

The Wunderbar Festival, which took place with great success at the end of April, was a week-long celebration of the transmission of German culture in Debrecen. He offered his Debrecen experience in German. The bonus element of the festival is the Deutsche Liga, which was moved to May 6 only to wait for favorable weather. The event is hosted by the Debrecen German Cultural Forum, which opens its #german#PLUS#Debrecen campaign with this sports event.

Deputy Mayor Lajos Barcsa gave a welcome speech at the event, and he mentioned three arguments in favor of the Deutsche Liga: sport builds community, health is important for everyone, and this sports event can also highlight the fact that “in Debrecen, knowledge of the German language has become more important in recent years”.

With this event, together with the Debrecen German Cultural Forum, we would like to draw attention to the fact that knowledge of the German language is a significant added value on the labor market. I wish that as many people as possible cultivate this language

– summed up the goal of the Deutsche Liga by the deputy mayor, who himself played in the municipality’s team.

The final result of the championship:

1st place: the Debrecen City Municipality

2nd place: the team of Manz Hungary Kft.

3rd place: the team of Deufol Hungary Kft.

The best goalkeeper: Zoltán Szalánci from the municipality team

Top scorer: Attila Csorba from the team of Deufol Hungary Kft.

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