Nyírmártonfalva mayor Filemon Mihály’s crazy canopy path is slowly becoming world famous

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Momentum makes sure that people across Europe get to know the story. From here, world fame is just a step away, writes Debreceni Nap.

Anna Donáth, the EP representative of Momentum, turns to the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) in the case of the canopy walkway in Nyírmártonfalva, which was revealed by Ákos Hadházy and Átlátszó. Ákos Hadházy also joined the petition, the party announced.

Anna Donáth said:

It is clearer than ever that in this project the EU money was not used for what it should have been used for. They built a canopy walkway, but in the process, they cut down the forest around it.

OLAF will not only find out what kind of irregularity led to this absurdity but also what exactly the HUF 60 million (approx  157 835.34 EUR) won for this was used for.

Thousands of billions have arrived from the European Union in recent years, but a significant part of them was similarly wasted by those in power and the “businessmen” allied with them. It is not by chance that they froze the payment of EU subsidies to force the Hungarian government to curb fraud, said Donáth.

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