LeBron James may soon come to Debrecen for a basketball match

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The U19 men’s Basketball World Cup will be held in Debrecen between June 24 and July 2, and there is a good chance that 18-year-old Bronny James will be on the team in the United States. His father is none other than LeBron James, and there is also a serious chance that the greatest hero of the sport today will also appear in the Főnix Aréna, writes Magyar Nemzet.

Overseas, the tournament in Debrecen is preceded by huge anticipation, so that they can finally achieve the historic treble, in which the son of LeBron James may also play a role. 18-year-old Bronny James is a great talent. On Tuesday, at the McDonald’s All American Games event in Houston’s Toyota Center, where the best high school basketball players were invited, he showed off his amazing skills in the sack competition, t can be read at the Origo site.

From the Houston gala, a precise throw from him:

At 190 cm tall, “little” James is currently playing in the high school league and could be drafted in two years at the earliest. He is clearly among the best in his age group, as evidenced by his selection to the United States high school national team, which will be played on April 8 at Moda in Portland. In Center, he will compete with an age group world team at the Nike gala.

This way, we can anticipate that Bronny James will be here at the World Championship in Debrecen

– writes the Magyar Nemzet.

And not only Bronny James, but also his father, LeBron James, can appear in the Főnix Aréna.

The 38-year-old legend has four gold championship rings, but the more important fact about him is that he scored the most points in the history of the NBA. In the NBA, the finals will be played in June, which may end before the U19 World Cup in Debrecen. But according to the current situation, it is unlikely that the Lakers, who are currently in eighth place in the Western main group, will reach the finals, so LeBron James can even book the plane tickets already.

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