World Water Day in Debrecen

Local News

Large groups from two member institutions of Liget Kindergarten were able to see the path of water on Wednesday in a plant of the Debrecen Water Works. On the attitude-shaping walk organized for World Water Day, István Olajos, water production plant manager, showed how the filtered water from the well reaches the homes – reported local council representative Erzsébet Katona.

Nearly 50 kindergarteners visited, among other things, the hall of the “giants”, the wells that hide 7,000 years of water. The children could taste the difference between raw, iron, and filtered water. The program ended in the dispatch room, where they could see how the water service is managed.

Each child received a pack of colored pencils, with which they can capture the most memorable moments. With the drawings, they can also participate in the drawing competition of the Debrecen Water Works.

Photo: Erzsébet Katona

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