DKV can raise its fees from May

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If the general assembly accepts the proposal, there will be an almost 15 percent price increase in public transport in Debrecen.

After 2020, DKV Zrt. last implemented a nearly 10 percent fee increase in August 2022, and now the transport company has again proposed this to the municipality.

From May, DKV can raise its fares, tram transport can also be restored on weekends
Gergely Pacza, head of the department for urban development, submitted to the city assembly that inflation was almost 5 percent higher than the DKV fee increase last year, and according to the central bank’s forecast, the inflation rate this year is expected to be between 15 and 19.5 percent.

Taking this into account, DKV Zrt. proposes an average fee increase of 14.7 percent from May 1,

if accepted and enforced, net-fare revenues may increase by HUF 510 million for 2023.

The head of the department notes that roughly 30 percent of the operating costs of local public transport are covered by the revenue from fares paid by passengers, about 65 percent of the remaining costs are reimbursed by the municipality and 5 percent by the state to DKV Zrt.

The significantly increased energy and fuel prices, wage costs and other increased costs had a particular impact on the management of DKV Zrt. and thus on the maintenance of public transport. As a result, the timetables were changed several times. In line with the city’s efforts to save electricity, from January 14, 2023, instead of trams, buses replacing trams will run on weekends on both lines.

The inflation-adjusted increase would provide the necessary coverage for the complete restoration of tram services on tram lines 1 and 2 from May 1, 2023, i.e. trams can run again on Saturdays and Sundays.

The DKV also recommends that the group ticket be introduced, because, with the earlier introduction of the more favorable small group ticket, the need to buy a group ticket has disappeared over the years.

The utility company sells a small number of face-value vouchers valid for half a month (less than 400 per month), so it is recommended to dispose of them. At the same time, in addition to keeping the current monthly pass scheme, the inter-month electronic pass would be introduced, which would entitle you to travel from the start of the operation on the given start day of the given month until the close of operation on the day preceding the same day of the following month. Monthly passes can currently be redeemed at half price until the 15th of the given month, which would be amended so that monthly and mid-month passes can be redeemed at full value before the start of validity by paying the handling fee.

Due to the introduction of the county and national passes, the combined student and combined general supplementary passes would also be introduced. According to the currently available information, those with a county pass are entitled to unlimited travel on long-distance flights within Debrecen, which can partially replace local public transport for them, the proposal states.

DKV Zrt. also proposed to increase the surcharges, from 4,000 to 6,000 in case of settlement on the spot or within three working days, from 5,000 to 10,000 for payment within 15 days, from 15,000 to 18,000 in the case of payment between 16-60 days, 60 days in case of overpayment, the additional fees would be increased from 20 to 30 thousand.

The general assembly will decide on the price changes on March 23.

The public passenger transport service according to the local timetable – on bus, tram, trolleybus routes – Fees payable from May 1, 2023

1. Line ticket fee:
a) line ticket fee: 360 Ft
b) purchased on a vehicle: 550 Ft
c) mobile ticket: 440 FT

2. One-hour mobile ticket: 500 Ft

3. Block ticket fee: 4.600 FT

4. Daily ticket price:
a) 1-day ticket: 1.500 Ft
b) 3-day ticket: 3.200 Ft
c) 7-day ticket: 4.000 Ft

5.  Monthly ticket: 8.650 Ft
Mobile monthly ticket: 8.350 FT

6. Monthly ticket for students: 4.990 Ft
Mobile monthly ticket for students:  4.800 FT

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