Be the reason that someone can believe in human goodness! – Food distribution in Debrecen

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The Egy Morzsányi Szeret Egyesület will hold its next food donation on the penultimate Saturday of March 18, 2023, between 11:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Location: Debrecen, Bocskai tér.

We would also like to help the small pensioners in Debrecen who receive benefits under HUF 120,000 in our own modest way. Those who want to be partners in the surprise, please bring the postal check for their pension or the latest order from the pension provider on the amount of the pension and their identity card.

Only pensioners who PRESENT the requested documents ON THE SITE may participate in the promotion.

As a result of the high inflation, the increase in utility prices, and the austerity measures of the government, the existence of even more families has been put in jeopardy.

We consider it important to take care of each other’s health, so please keep a distance of 1.5 meters. We also recommend using a mask.

We know there isn’t much we can give, but we do it all with a good heart. We would like more people to stand by us for the sake of the most disadvantaged in Hungarian society. Here in our region, too, many thousands are waiting for a helping hand, a human word, they want to live a life worthy of a human being.

We invite everyone who wants to help, with both hands, or with financial or in-kind support.

>>We also welcome donations from Debrecen residents and businesses:
>>We are waiting for applications from restaurants who undertake to provide a menu for some pensioners free of charge;
>>We are waiting for applications from BAKERIES, grocery stores, butchers, and RESTAURANTS in Debrecen in order to cooperate;
>>We are waiting for the offerings, food, cakes, and SUSTAINABLE food in unlimited quantities;
>>Easter is coming. We are waiting for gifts and sweets for the children for the holiday so that they too can remember the holiday of the Resurrection;
>>We are grateful for women’s intimate hygiene products. We could help many of our fellow women with this;
>>We are looking forward to children’s books, computers, and laptops, most poor families lack even the basic conditions of online education;
>>We also welcome VOLUNTEER HELPERS who feel they want to do something for the poor;

/We do not collect used clothes./

We are convinced that we cannot be indifferent to those who are not on the sunny side of life, who, through no fault of their own or without, fight a daily struggle to stay afloat.

If you want to help or support, you can do so here:


We also count on monetary donations.
The association’s account number has CHANGED.
We ask our supporters to pay attention to this.

A Morzsányi Charity Association; OTP Bank Account number: 11738015–21471052

We ask for information on donations in kind for the Morzsaparti by March 17 / Friday / 12:00 p.m. Of course, we are also happy to receive any support on-site.

Many of our fellow citizens are waiting for a helping hand. We are aware that we cannot save the world, but we cannot even eliminate poverty in Debrecen. At the same time, we believe that if more and more people stand by us, the many small drops may even become an “ocean”. Love and kindness do not cost money.

We respectfully invite the editor’s staff to the Morzzaparti. Thank you in advance for informing the public.


– Andrea Leipzig, the head of the Egy Morzsányi Szeret Egyesület –

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