A man in his 50s collapsed on the street in Debrecen

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A man in his 50s collapsed on a busy street in Debrecen on Sunday morning, writes life.hu.

A man in his 50s collapsed on a busy street in Debrecen. His friend, who was walking with him, immediately called the ambulance, while a doctor on a day off rushed to the patient’s aid and immediately examined him. The man was no longer breathing, so CPR was started immediately.

Debrecen Emergency Management alerted the nearest rescue units, as well as the car of the nearby OMSZ Emergency Service, who arrived on the scene within minutes and continued providing care at an elevated level.

Soon, an emergency worker on his day off joined the rescue effort, who rushed to the scene on foot after hearing the loud sirens. The rescue team fought for the man’s life on the busy street for almost an hour, which many people watched with hope. The chest compressions started in time and eventually led to success and the man was transported to the hospital in a stable condition

– reads the Facebook page of the National Ambulance Service.

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