You can run, hike or cycle for sick children treated in Debrecen

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The Kosztyu Ádám Emlékére Foundation welcomes applications from charitable athletes, there are many distances to choose from.

The organization that helps seriously ill and disabled children, which also has a location in Debrecen, was also included in the special support program of the initiative called Happy Way, which organizes charity sports campaigns.

Thanks to this, it was possible to help the foundation’s goals, including the support of small patients treated at the Children’s Clinic in Debrecen, through charitable sports during the so-called Winter challenge. Applicants can run, hike, or cycle “virtually” (at any location and time) to complete different distances, and part of the registration fee goes to the organization as a donation. And by sharing the proof of completion on social media platforms, the news of the initiative can reach additional potential applicants.

You can apply for the program here until March 17:

You can also support the work of the Kosztyu Ádám Emlékére Foundation by donating a percentage of your personal income tax, the organization’s tax number: 18418299-1-0

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