“Mentőre vár” – this sign will indicate on DKV services if help is needed for a passenger in trouble

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Last year alone, DKV Debreceni Közlekedesi Zrt. requested the help of ambulances about 200 times when its passengers needed quick care, the company says in its announcement.

In such a case, the vehicle stopped at the stop and waited for the ambulance to arrive. In order to shorten the time for assistance, the company will in the future display the sign “Waiting for an ambulance” – “Mentőre vár” on the stationary vehicle instead of the reference number. This practice is already successful in Budapest.

The North Great Plain Regional Ambulance Organization of the National Ambulance Service and DKV Debreceni Közlekedesi Zrt. implement this program as the first step of long-term cooperation.

In Budapest, the BKK calls the Emergency Service in 2-3 thousand cases every year. In Debrecen, 130 out of about 200 cases occur at tram stops.

By displaying the words “Waiting for an ambulance” – “Mentőre vár” on the display, the transport company wants to help with the work of the ambulances. On trams and trolleybuses, the inscription will appear on the front and side displays, in the case of buses, a cross symbol will also appear on the rear display.

The two organizations agree that the sign asking for help is important from several points of view. At a busy terminus, for example, not only the ambulances can find the vehicle more easily, but also the volunteers and medical workers passing by can intervene quickly, even before the arrival of the ambulances. Quick intervention can often save lives. Every minute of delay reduces the chance of successful resuscitation by 7-12%.

The ÉletMentő app of the National Emergency Service provides great help in such an emergency. DKV Zrt. joins the app promotion campaign. He puts up a warning poster at every tram stop, as this is where most cases happen.

According to their announcement, DKV Zrt. considers the safety of its passengers to be important, and keeps this in mind in every case. As part of the agreement, he therefore also placed a video illustrating the new medical on-call system on the vehicles’ TFT monitors.



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