A doll was burned to the ground in downtown Debrecen – video

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According to tradition, the end of the carnival period is the burning of a small doll, with which they symbolically say goodbye to winter and try to drive away the trouble and bad spirits. This folk custom, which is slowly being forgotten, was recalled in Debrecen, at the closing chord of the carnival event of the Motolla Association.

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But what do they burn at this time? A ‘kisze’ is a doll made of straw, usually depicting a woman. It is one of the most important accessories of the folk custom related to winter hunting and the celebration of the arrival of spring.

The stunt was watched by approximately fifty people on the Dósa Palatinate Square, and although it seemed a bit risky in the increasingly strong wind, in the end, nothing bad happened.

By the way, according to folk tradition, the quickly burnt ‘kisze’ means a short winter.



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