Szeviép case: a verdict will follow in Debrecen

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The Court of Debrecen appointed the Court of Appeal to conduct the second-degree proceedings of the criminal trial referred to in the press as the “Szeviép case”. The sentencing will begin on Monday, February 20, at 10:30 a.m.

The Pécs Court of Appeal, acting at the third instance, found the judgment of the Szeged Court of Appeal, as a court of the second instance, to be partly incomplete, partly undiscovered, and partly contrary to the content of the case files. According to the judgment panel’s opinion, this partial unfoundedness could be eliminated by further supplementing the forensic accountant’s opinion and by hearing the expert again.

However, there is no place for the taking of evidence before the third instance court during the criminal proceedings, this is done by the second instance court in repeated proceedings, in this case, the Debrecen Court of Appeal.


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