The bear of the Debrecen Zoo predicted how long winter will last

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True to its traditions, the Debrecen zoo entrusted Dönci with weather forecasting this year.

According to their report, the old lady decided not to venture out of her cave, despite the initially cloudy weather and the abundant festive breakfast. In addition, the sun soon came out, so if we trust her meteorological skills this time, we can prepare for a long winter.

The guests of the Bear Festival 2023, which runs until Sunday, are waiting for a rich program, and in today’s nice weather, the bear’s namesakes – the snouted bears, raccoons and red cat bears – are particularly active in today’s weather, for example.

What do the bears indicate at this time?

According to popular belief, bears can be used to predict the weather on the 2nd of February, the Feast of Our Lady of Candlemas. If the bear comes out of its cave on this day and sees its shadow, it hides and continues to sleep, so the end of winter is still far away. However, if the weather is overcast and the animal cannot see its shadow, it will stay outside, predicting the coming spring.

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