Momentum initiated a local referendum regarding the battery factory in Debrecen

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Debrecen’s current municipal representative initiated a local referendum on the Chinese battery factory planned for the city.

The LMP initiated a national referendum on the establishment of battery factories

According to Momentum’s announcement sent to MTI on Wednesday, László Mándi submitted the referendum question to the local election committee for verification on Monday, so that the people of Debrecen could express their opinion about the battery factory.

They wrote that the city administration of Fidesz plans to build the CATL battery factory, which requires a lot of water and pollutes the environment, without informing and consulting the locals.

We are convinced that an investment of this magnitude is not possible without the involvement and consultation of the local people. The future of more than two hundred thousand people cannot be decided behind closed doors – justifies Momentum.

The question proposed for the local referendum is the following: “Do you agree that it is forbidden to create an industrial facility in the administrative area of Debrecen whose average hourly water demand exceeds 130 cubic meters?”

A walk and demonstration against the battery factory are organized in Debrecen

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