DKV is expanding its real-time passenger information system

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After the TransIT mobile application, it makes DKV Zrt.’s real-time passenger information available on two additional interfaces. From today, the Company will also publish this information for passengers on the mobile phone application and on Google Maps.

An important pillar of the expansion of real-time passenger information and travel planning is the more than 10-year-old smartphone application called, available on Android and Huawei operating system mobile devices, developed in Debrecen. The application provides a new platform for the real-time, accurate planning of trips by DKV Zrt.’s tram, trolleybus, and bus routes, for which the Company shares the necessary public transport data in Debrecen with the application’s developer.

The free-to-download application provides travelers with reliable timetable data, and nearby stops and departure times are also available based on GPS. The flights can be seen in real-time in the application, and all of them can be tracked simultaneously by displaying them on a common map together with transfer options. The stops and connections most often used for daily travel can be saved as favorites, so that all relevant information is immediately available after opening.
Current traffic news published by DKV Zrt. can also be read here, which can provide additional help when planning your trip.

Google Maps is one of the most widespread online map interfaces, used by billions of travelers worldwide to plan their journeys.

In addition to the Debrecen timetable information, the data required for real-time passenger information are now also displayed on this interface. All this allows passengers to re-plan their journey even on the go. In addition to the schedule information that has been available for more than 5 years, Google Maps also shows the exact arrival time of the given flight, and the nearest stop or transfer points. During route planning, both Google Maps and also calculate the walking time required to reach the stop. As part of the basic applications, the program can now be found on almost all smartphones, both Android and iOS. Google Maps is also available on desktop computers and mobile phones via a browser.

In addition to the and Google Maps applications, the TransIT DKV application will remain available for users on Android and iOS.

Regarding the operation of the real-time passenger information that has just been launched on Google Maps and the application, the company is waiting for feedback in order to provide the best service to its passengers.



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