Fallen trees endangered traffic in Hajdú-Bihar county

Local News

On Wednesday, the firefighters cut down several trees because they were obstructing and endangering traffic, according to the county disaster management.

On the outskirts of Hajdúszoboszló, on the bank of the Keleti main channel, a ten-meter tree fell on the road, and the professional firefighters from Hajdúszoboszló went there.

On the outskirts of Debrecen, a dry tree fell on the line of the light railway, and it was removed by professional firefighters from Debrecen with a motorized chainsaw.

In Létavértes, the Létavértes municipality firemen marched to Aradi Street, where a twenty-meter ash tree fell. It also had to be removed with a chainsaw and hand tools.


Hajdú-Bihar County Disaster Management Directorate

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