This is how the parking fees in Debrecen will change from January 1, 2023

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From the new year, the parking fees will change in some of Debrecen’s surface waiting areas and in the underground parking garages.

According to DV Parking, II. in the zone, neither the prices of the parking ticket nor the daily fees will change, but in the I. zone and the priority zone, the hourly rate for waiting will be HUF 400 and HUF 540, respectively. From January, you will have to pay HUF 1,600 for daily tickets in zone I, while HUF 2,160 in priority areas. The hourly rate for the underground garage is HUF 480, while the monthly pass for this will be HUF 20,000 next year.

The prices of discounted passes for the public do not change. According to the previous conditions, car owners can still park for HUF 6,000 per year.

In case of loss of the chip card used in the surface parking machines and in the underground garage, the replacement fee will be HUF 5,000, and the same amount will have to be paid in case of loss of the parking ticket.

The parking zones are shown on this map.

Parking will be paid on six streets, and parking on six other streets will be free from 2023

Csók utca, both sides of Sas utca, the side of Rózsa utca facing the MÁV headquarters, the section of Csapó utca between Dósa pálát tér and Vár utca, and the section of Bajcsy Zsilinszky utca between Piac utca and Tisza István utca are exempt from the obligation to pay parking fees.

On the other hand, you have to pay for waiting on Pereces, Ötmalom, Domb, Monti Ezredes utca, as well as Serház utca, Eötvös utca between Rákóczi and Maróthi György utca.

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