The disaster management received nearly 200 emergency calls on the 24th

Local News

Disaster management received 190 emergency calls on Saturday, and in 129 cases the intervention of firefighters was necessary – the National Directorate General of Disaster Management (OKF) informed MTI.

They were alerted to 32 fires, of which 24 were building fires, and the firefighters performed 97 technical rescues.

Chimney fires in family houses had to be put out in Nyírgelsé and Ipolytarnóc, in Mosonmagyaróvár a fire broke out in a room of a condominium apartment, and in the kitchen of a house in Siófok, furniture caught fire due to a children’s toy with batteries. Firefighters were alerted due to carbon monoxide pollution in Baja and Mór.

The OKF highlighted that Advent wreaths caught fire in Debrecen, Kaposvár, Tass and Csorna, and there were smaller fires in Budapest and Szekszárd due to food left on the stove.

2,000 firefighters are on duty and 500 vehicles are on standby at Christmas time, and within 120 seconds of the alarm, they go to help where there is trouble, the announcement states.

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