Christmas of the needy – 150 guests at the festive food distribution in Debrecen

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Christmas of the needy – 150 guests at the festive food distribution in Debrecen The Kéretlen Figyelem Debrecen Women’s Public Life Association treated 150 needy people with stuffed cabbage at the festive food distribution in Debrecen. According to the association’s report, they also treated the needy with Christmas cakes, brown sugar, and apple pastries.

Perhaps there are Hungarian people who are now hearing for the first time that the national “wave of love” – respect for the exception – ended on December 23, “closed” During the days of the holiday, there are also many people in Debrecen who are happy for several days if they can eat something with their relatives once a day.

It would be shocking if a survey was conducted in our country to find out how many children went to bed hungry on Christmas Eve. Not to mention the other “decorations” of Christmas. Poor children walk the earth, and for them, deprivation is “natural”.

Those who saw it a few days ago in Csepel, and now in the Népliget, the long lines of several days, know what we are talking about. But the Debrecen lines are also eloquent. There were many more people standing in line now than a year ago.

Most of the people who were waiting for stuffed cabbage were pensioners. The record-high inflation probably affected them the most, their life – which had not been easy until now – became even more difficult. In their old age, they came to the point where their little, huddled money runs out by the end of the month, and in their old age, they became outcasts of society. The purchase value of their pension has radically decreased, and most of them live much worse than before 2010.

They have a busy life behind them, now they live from one day to the next. We don’t know why they got here, but the way they stand in line shows all the fun and bitterness of their little lives. Many people asked that no photos be taken of them, they were ashamed that they had come here at the end of their lives. Do they really have to be ashamed of themselves in their hopeless life situation?

The bare facts of the food distribution in Debrecen the day after Christmas:

we distributed 150 servings of stuffed cabbage, several kilograms of brown sugar, 40 kilograms of bread, 150 packages of Christmas cookies, nearly 80 kilograms of apples, and lots of sweets and pastries.

The costs of the festive lunch were paid for on the one hand from our own pockets, and on the other from donations from private individuals. To our delight, many people contributed a few thousand forints to the food distribution. We thank the bakeries for their regular donations. We are grateful to the Pro Filii Foundation for its help.

We respectfully thank all our neighbors for their support, we used the amount paid into the association’s account for a good purpose.

The next food distribution will take place in 2023. On January 29, we are waiting for the needy people of Debrecen with a hot lunch at Petőfi Square.
Happy New Year Hungary!


– Tukoráné Kádár Ibolya, president of the association –

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