The Debrecen Zoo welcomed a cute donkey foal

Local News

The wild donkey stud of the Debrecen zoo is growing nicely every year, where a healthy offspring was last born on November 28 after more than a year of pregnancy – informed Dr. Sándor Gergely Nagy the Zoo’s Managing Director.

Despite the increasingly cold weather, the lively little foal with an impeccable appetite happily spends his time under the care of his mother on the catwalk in the amusement park area, where he can be seen since birth.

The preservation of indigenous animal species and breeds is extremely important to the Debrecen zoo, which is why it has been home to Hungary’s only indigenous donkey breed, the parlay donkey, since its foundation. In addition, in recent years it has also been able to regularly announce the birth of new offspring.

The general public will be able to meet these calm-tempered, at the same time intelligent, and easy-to-train animals not only in their enclosure but also as the busy cart pullers of Csacsifogat, which will set out on special occasions next year.

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