Two Cars Collided on Nagyerdei Blvd.

Local News

The accident also affects the public transport in Debrecen.

Two cars collided in Debrecen, at the intersection of Hadházi road and Nagyerdei Blvd. in the early afternoon of November 16th.

The city’s professional firefighters de-energized one of the vehicles. According to DKV Zrt., the 23Y buses will be running on a diversion route during the police investigation.

The diversion route of bus 23Y in the direction of Vámospércsi road (roundabout): original route – Dóczy József street – Nagyerdei Blvd. (towards Klinikák) – Hadházi roadút – original route

Missing stops: Kardos street, Besze János street

The diversion route of the 23Y bus in the direction of Doberdó street: original route – Baksay Sándor street – Hadházi road – Nagyerdei Blvd. (towards Klinikák) – Dóczy József street – original route

Missing stops: Oláh Gábor street, Kardos street

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