Not only two schools in Debrecen are being merged due to runaway overhead costs

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A few days ago, news circulated that the Vocational Training Center in Debrecen would merge the Bethlen Gábor Közgazdasági Technikum with the András Mechwart Mechanical and Informatics Technikum by March. The reorganization is expected to be solved by the institutions’ maintainer, the Vocational Training Center of Debrecen, with a “two-shift” system, that is, students from one school in the morning and students from the other school in the afternoon will attend classes, which will be shortened to 35 minutes.


Two schools in Debrecen may be merged due to skyrocketing overhead costs

Several parents told Eduline that the merger does not only affect the two mentioned schools.

Several people wrote that the Beregszászi Pál Technikum will merge with the Kreatív Technikum, the Gábor Baross Technikum, and Vocational School with the Irinyi János Technikum. At the same time, the parents of students attending the chemical industry technical school were given information on the expected steps on Wednesday afternoon.

The step caused serious indignation among parents.

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