Last night, Iranian students protested in front of the Reformed Great Church in Debrecen in solidarity

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Actually, students of the University of Debrecen have gathered in front of the Reformed Great Church for Mahsa Amini.

Mahsa Amini was a girl that is killed by the Iranian government just because of not wearing a proper hijab and also standing with people in Iran who are fighting for freedom ( people in Iran did protest after Mahsa Amini but the government of Iran start killing people and cut off the internet for not spreading news). People living in Debrecen just want to be their voice

– one of the participants told our site.

Around 80 people gathered for the peaceful solidarity protest in Debrecen, of which some pictures were taken:

35 people have been killed in Iran since protests began in the country following the death of a 22-year-old woman, Mahsa Amini.

The young girl of Kurdish origin was beaten by the Iranian moral authorities a week and a half ago for not wearing the local head covering, the hijab (which women are required to wear according to Iranian law). Mahsa Amini was then taken to hospital and treated for several days but was beaten so brutally that her life could no longer be saved.

Meanwhile, the government officials claimed that the young girl’s death was caused by a heart attack and that she had not been abused by law enforcers. Demonstrations began after the incident, not only in areas inhabited by Kurds but throughout the country against the strict dress code.

The government responded to all this with decisive action: the law enforcement officers deployed military equipment and fired live ammunition into the crowd in several places. Euronews reported based on Iranian press reports that



Photos: Nakisa Np

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