This year, programs related to the Great Dance Choice will be organized in twelve cities

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This year, as part of the Great Dance Selection program, twelve cities welcome those interested on September 25 with free dance lessons, round table discussions, film screenings and performances.

Organized by the National Association of Dance Teachers, the program is being held for the fourth time, this year in Debrecen, Győr, Kecskemét, Kőszeg, Miskolc, Nyíregyháza, Pécs, Szeged, Budapest, Szekszárd, Sopron and Székesfehérvár – read the statement of the association.

The aim of the program is to promote dance culture with the help of free dance lessons so that members of the child, junior, youth, adult, and senior age groups can find the genre that suits them best.

As part of the event, workshops, public dance lessons and almost a hundred amateur dance schools, dance workshops, and dance teachers await those interested. The event is free at all locations, but participation in the workshops is subject to registration, which will be available in person at the locations or on the organizers’ online platforms from September 15.

In the capital, the Budapest Dance Theater organizes classical ballet, modern dance, contemporary dance, jazz dance, and art jazz courses, but also organizes round table discussions with the participation of well-known dance artists. In Debrecen, at the Csokonai Literary Laboratory (CSIL) and Dósa Nádor Square, the program includes hip-hop, cheerleading, bachata, Irish dance, and adult folk dance. In Győr, the Szabolcska utca center of the Győr Dance and Fine Arts High School is once again the main venue, where dance teachers and choreographers present the basics of classical ballet, Cuban salsa, Indian dance, hip-hop, jazz, Zumba, and belly dance. In Kecskemét, the Grapevine Dance School organizes classes in about twenty genres, from show dance to children’s ballroom dance to break, but the school’s instructors also hold demonstration classes in Nagykőrös and Izsák for preschool, elementary school, and high school age groups. In Kőszeg, those who want to dance are welcome at the Ádám Béri Balog Primary School, for classes in classical ballet, rock and roll, Argentine tango, ballroom dancing and folk dance, and in the afternoon you can watch the presentation of the dance ensembles from Kőszeg and Szombathely.

In Miskolc, the Ady Endre Cultural Center hosts the event, where, among other things, the public can get to know the basics of historical ballroom dances, and in Nyíregyháza, the Evangelical Primary School in Luther utca offers capoeira, adult ballet, mother-daughter jazz dance and baby-mother dance in addition to the well-known genres. the families. The Pécs High School of Arts offers the stage to dance, flamenco, ballroom, modern, and yoga dance, but they also organize adult classical ballet classes, and in Sopron, you can try out the most popular types of dance at the Ferenc Liszt Conference and Cultural Center.

This year, Székesfehérvár will join the event for the first time, the venue of which will be Dance Studio Nagy-Kuthy. In addition to the more well-known genres, there will also be aerial ballet, tap, and swing. In Szeged, the Szent-Györgyi Albert Agóra awaits those interested, where in addition to musicals, creative children’s dance, senior joy dance, line dance, dance therapy, Indian dance, and Serbian dance can be learned. In Szekszárd, the Gyula Illyés Vocational Primary School of the University of Pécs will host the event, where American jazz dance and contact techniques will be presented, among other things, and in the afternoon the organizers are preparing a gala show and a dance hall.



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