Road Leading to the BMW Factory in Debrecen Become More Expensive By HuF 200 Million

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Instead of HuF 1 billion and 772 million, Duna Aszfalt will build the western border road of the BMW factory in Debrecen for HuF 1 billion and 972 million, noticed in the EU public procurement bulletin.

The modification of the open tender was announced by the municipality of Debrecen. According to the official statement, the reason for the HuF 200 million price increase is that the investor’s needs for the new 100-hectare area under planning have changed in an unforeseen way. The size of the areas to be purchased, as well as the plot allocation concept were changed compared to the customer’s original idea. The changed plot concept of the area affects – and technically influences – the technical content included in the construction contract.

The length of the 2×1 lane road to be built is 2 kilometers, and the length of the cycle paths connected to it is 2.1 kilometers.


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