This is how public transport tariffs in Debrecen are rising

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DKV tickets will become more expensive from the first of August.

The company explains the increase in prices by the fact that the

high fuel and energy costs, as well as the increase in the prices of the services required for operation and the continuous price increase caused by inflation, posed a serious financing burden for DKV Zrt. That is why a price change is needed.

It is also mentioned that the local public transport tariff in Debrecen has changed for the last two and a half years, and DKV Zrt. Currently sells its coupons at prices valid from 1 January 2020, despite the fact that the inflation rate in 2021 was 5.1%. , And in 2022 is projected to be at least 8.9%.

For the first time, there will be a price difference between electronic and paper tickets:


Valid from 1 August 2022

In case of electronic purchase For paper-based purchases
Advance single ticket 400 Ft
Mobile ticket 380 Ft
1 hour mobile ticket 440 Ft
Single ticket from the driver onboard 500 Ft
Block of 11 tickets 4 000 Ft
Small group ticket 2 300 Ft
Day ticket 1 200 Ft 1 200 Ft
3-day ticket 2 500 Ft 2 500 Ft
7-day ticket 3 200 Ft 3 200 Ft
Tickets for student groups 500 Ft
Family ticket 2 600 Ft
Monthly pass 7 250 Ft 7 500 Ft
Half-month pass 4 700 Ft
Portraitless monthly pass 22 500 Ft
Annual pass 74 000 Ft
Additional passes
General pass 5 100 Ft 5 300 Ft
Student 3 800 Ft 4 000 Ft
Student monthly pass 4 200 Ft 4 400 Ft
Student quarterly pass 12 600 Ft
Retirement pass 4 200 Ft 4 400 Ft
Retired quarterly pass 12 600 Ft
With small children pass 4 190 Ft


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