After the morning peak, work will begin at the well-known junction in Debrecen

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The capacity-increasing transformation of Bethlen Street and the University Avenue in Debrecen continues. Work begins today after the peak traffic period in the morning and is expected to last until the end of July.

In connection with the current pace of construction, public utility reconstruction works (rainwater, sewage, drinking water, traffic lights and public lighting) will be carried out at the intersection of University Avenue and Honvéd Street.

During the construction, both Honvéd Street branches of the intersection of Bethlen Street and Honvéd Street will be closed. It will not be possible to turn from Bethlen Street to Honvéd Street, only the straight line towards Kölcsey Center and University Square will be allowed to pass through the junction.

On the section of Darabos Street between Honvéd Street and Thaly Kálmán Street, the one-way traffic order will be temporarily reversed: traffic will be provided from Honvéd Street to Thaly Kálmán Street. There will be a two-way traffic order on the section of Thaly Kálmán Street between Darabos Street and Bethlen Street.

At the same time, also on June 20, a new traffic order will be introduced at the intersection of Bethlen utca and Thaly Kálmán utca, and at the intersection of Bethlen utca between Hunyadi utca and Mester utca, in accordance with the construction schedule.

On the odd side, with the temporary closure of the parking lanes, utility reconstruction work will begin. Traffic through the 2 × 1 band will continue to be provided.

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