Another road construction at the BMW plant in Debrecen

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KE-VÍZ 21 Építőipari Zrt. in Nyíregyháza can widen the main road No. 33 at Debrecen to 2×2 lanes for HUF 3 billion 319 million. This road construction is also part of the road development of the BMW plant.

The results of the open tender were announced by the contracting authority NIF (Hungarian National Infrastructure Development Company) in the EU public procurement bulletin.

The task is defined as follows: the extension of the main road No. 33 to the 2×2 lane between the connecting road No. 3316 and the industrial development area in connection with the road developments related to the establishment of the North-West Economic Zone of Debrecen (this is the code name of the BMW factory). The widening will take place at a length of 2,011 meters and a new roundabout will also be built.

The winner signed a contract with the winner on June 2 with the NIF.

Zemplénkő Eastern Hungary Construction Contractor and Mining Ltd., based in Tivadar, Hazai Építőgép Társulás Szolgáltató Zrt. in Alsónémed, and Duna Aszfalt Építő Tiszakécske also started the public procurement.

This is the third time that a call for tenders has been issued for the construction of the northern access road to the BMW plant in Debrecen. The first was withdrawn by the city, the second was unsuccessful because only too expensive bids were received.

There will be a roundabout with a diameter of 196 meters at the main entrance of the BMW factory

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