After Debrecen, the transport robot was also tested in Spain

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At the beginning of 2022, DKV Zrt. announced the launch of the LogiSmile project of the Smart City division of Debrecen, co-financed by EIT Urban Mobility, in which, in addition to three university partners and many industrial players, cities such as Hamburg and Barcelona are participating.

The Debrecen Smart City LogiSmile project has started

The essence of the LogiSmile project is to be able to test the autonomous transport systems of the future in different pilot cities in a real environment, which will result in a wealth of practical knowledge and data for the consortium partners.

Debrecen is participating in the project as a pilot city. It is the job of the city to serve as a real-world test area for the system. The process includes the exploration of infrastructural and legal issues, problems, regulations that are necessary for the operation of similar autonomous transport vehicles. The test also examines how human-vehicle interactions of such solutions take place under real-world conditions.

Debrecen was preceded by a pilot experiment in Esplugues from 6 to 10 June 2022, where the first live test of the ADD self-driving automatic parcel vehicle arriving in Cívisváros was held. The experience of the experiment in Spain can greatly contribute to the success of Debrecen, so the employees of DKV Zrt., László Mátyus, Director of Innovation and Service Development, and Olivér Papp, Development Specialist, personally traveled to the demonstration site. They were accompanied by Dr. László Kovács, Professor of the Faculty of Informatics at the University of Debrecen, who participated in the event as an observer to gather material for his scientific work.

The pilot experiment in Esplugues ended with an official demonstration on 10 June, following data collection and a preparatory phase involving the development of a technical environment. In the course of this, a test of ADD, which was closed to traffic, but under real traffic conditions, was tested in front of the consortium partners as well as the public. The colleagues of DKV Debreceni Közlekedési Zrt. Participating in the project were invited to this event.

During the demonstration, which was visited by the management of the city of Esplugues, the country’s Minister of Transport, several important players in the national media, as well as many local residents, the employees of DKV Zrt. Were able to observe the capabilities of the device. The robot traveled a distance of about 600 meters in autonomous mode, under the full supervision of the operating staff, during which the delivery of two packages was simulated.

Based on the experience, the Spanish experts will further refine the operation of the robot, and also make a number of suggestions for the pilot experiment in Debrecen on topics such as choosing the right route, clarifying regulatory issues, or the technical environment to be provided.

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