The 2022 Debrecen Drive was spectacular – pictures, video

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Debrecen Drive was held in the Big Forest on May 27-29, 2022. The event is the largest car and automotive industry show in the eastern region.

On the last weekend of May, in coordination with Children’s Day, after three years of forced breaks, the three-day Debrecen Drive was held again, which is one of the most varied transport campaigns in the country without any talk.

Here, all ages could find the programs they liked, and there were plenty of interesting vehicles to see. The organizers also thought of fans of technical sports: spectacular custom-built cars burned the tire, and we could also see a breathtaking demonstration of motorized stunts at Drive Katlan.

By developing this, well-known personalities were able to prove their aptitude and driving skills on an obstacle course in a skill quiz, making sure that the glass of water entrusted to them dripped as little as possible. In addition, the military vehicles of the Army were certainly the most popular on Saturday as well. The Leopard-type tank, for example, was used as routinely by the little ones as if it were a climber in a playground.

Motorcycle in the air:

A Little America:

Military vehicles:



Photo, video: László Faragó

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