A man from Debrecen hanged himself, it is possible that his psychiatrist was negligent

Local News

A man from Debrecen hanged himself after taking his prescription pills for a week. His doctor, who barely examined him, said he was aware of the drugs he was prescribed could cause suicidal thoughts, the Citizens’ Committee for Human Rights reported in a statement.

The man turned to a psychiatrist because his mood had deteriorated so much that he cared for almost nothing. He and his wife showed up at the office at a pre-arranged time but were disappointed to see that the psychiatrist had prescribed only two different psychiatric drugs after listening to the man’s complaints. The psychiatrist looked up at her patient from behind the monitor only once, but according to the wife, she didn’t even look at the man up close.

Based solely on what she had heard, the psychiatrist wrote the prescriptions and added, “If you have a rash, stop taking it or don’t take the higher dose out of the pharmacy.”

The man took the pills for six days, and although his mood worsened, he persistently continued on the “therapy” he thought was effective. On the seventh day, however, he hanged himself without any sign.

The widow visited a law enforcement organization who found that both prescribed drugs could typically cause deterioration and suicidal thoughts, which the psychiatrist failed to warn the couple about. Defenders have now complained to the competent authorities to investigate the psychiatrist’s responsibility for the death, the statement said.



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