Production can start at the vaccine factory in Debrecen later this year

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In the next government, the Minister of Technology and Industry László Palkovics presented his new team at the hearing of the candidate for Minister, reported.

Zsófia Koncz will be the Deputy Minister for Development for Technology and Industry, and Dávid Vitézy, former Founding and CEO of BKK, will be responsible for transport policy. Attila Steiner and Zsolt Kutnyánszky will also be the state secretaries of the ministry. The Ministry of Innovation and Technology includes the areas of public infrastructure, mining, industry, technology, climate change, the circular economy, waste management, and transport policy.

László Palkovics said that learning from the Covid epidemic, he considers it important that the capacity of the healthcare industry should increase significantly. Featured:

by the end of the year, production can start at the vaccine factory in Debrecen.

The ministerial candidate also spoke about the extent to which Hungary is considered an assembly plant, which he says is not true: the share of the high-tech industry is just as high as 70 percent in Germany. Despite the robust growth of the last ten years, there are challenges such as an aging society or the fact that there are still serious inequalities in the development of the country.

At the same time, its industrial policy for the next ten years also aims to strengthen new sectors, based on the Irinyi Plan. Examples are the bus industry or the creative industry, Palkovics said. At the same time, he also considered it important that the industrial areas settling here, such as battery production, be established in Hungary. It is therefore important that, in addition to production capacity, research centers are set up throughout the country.

The cornerstone of the National Vaccine Factory was laid in Debrecen

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