An 11-Year-Old Was Slapped By a School Maintenance Worker in Debrecen

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A maintenance worker slapped a fifth-grader in a primary school in Debrecen during the daycare, RTL Híradó reported.


The 11-year-old’s face swelled from the slaps. According to the school, the boy had been rude, so he got into a fight with the caretaker. The child’s mother, on the other hand, said the opposite was true: the caretaker used obscene words, and the guy just told him not to talk to them like that. In response, the man slapped the child, the boy’s mother said. The parent version was also confirmed by one of the little boys who was at the scene of the incident. Police told RTL that a 60-year-old man from Debrecen had been prosecuted on suspicion of grievous bodily harm. And the school has launched an internal investigation and the caretaker, who has acknowledged his responsibility for what happened, is no longer working for them.

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