Sports Day is held on Saturday in the Big Forest

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On Saturday, the Sports Complex on Gábor Oláh Street will be crowded again, as about 3-4 thousand children will be there. The world is round with you! sports day will be held for the eighth time on May 14 by the Debrecen Sports Center.

The aim of the sports day is for children of pre-school and primary school age to try out the sports that can be played at the Debrecen Sports Center- Sports School, such as athletics, juggling, handball, basketball, football, badminton, swimming, triathlon, speed skating, and figure skating, all led by qualified coaches.

In addition, the sports of other associations in Debrecen are presented, including water polo, martial arts, gymnastics, wall climbing, fitness, and baseball.

At the active, fun family event, DSC-SI awaits children, parents, and educators alike with stage demonstrations and skill games.

Kindergartens can receive a valuable package of sports equipment if at least ten children show up at each institution, but registration is essential, which awaits those interested from 8 am at the entrance of the Sports Complex. It is important that the three kindergartens that register with the largest number of people receive additional high-value prizes.

For the sports day, which starts at 9 a.m. and is expected to last until 2 p.m., 28 schools and 51 kindergartens have indicated their intention to participate.

At the stands set up, the children can get acquainted with nearly thirty sports, who will be able to take home gifts, as well as meet selected elite athletes.

The announcement of the results will start on stage at 1 p.m.

Stage programs:

  • 09:00: Welcome, opening
  • 09:20: Joint warm-up
  • 09.45: Presentation of Pirouette Dance Studio
  • 10.10: Presentation of freestyle football player Róbert Keresztesi
  • 10.25: Presentation of the DKSI-DSI Bicycle Section
  • 10.55: Kyosumi SE kyokushin karate tutorial
  • 11.35: DEAC Tournament Section Presentation
  • 12.00: Trial presentation
  • 12.30: Presentation of the DSC-SI fencing department
  • 12.50: Presentation of freestyle football player Róbert Keresztesi
  • 13.00: Announcement of results, award ceremony

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