An epidemiological coordination center was handed over in Debrecen

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The country’s first epidemiological coordination center was handed over on Thursday at the infectious disease clinic on the Kenézy campus in Debrecen.

At the handover, Cecília Müller, a national chief medical officer, praised the collaboration, which, he said, became exemplary during the pandemic by linking researchers, the health care system, and the epidemiology.

She emphasized that epidemics and infectology are always needed, and in the future, special emphasis should be placed on the treatment of hospital epidemics.

Cecília Müller called speed key during the pandemic and praised the close cooperation with the University of Debrecen in vaccine development.

Vulnerability is being reduced by domestic device manufacturing, including the vaccine factory under construction in Debrecen, she said.

Academician György Balla, the member of the Board of Trustees of the István Gróf István Foundation for the University of Debrecen, who maintained the university, recalled the memory of Pál Kertai, the former famous professor of epidemiology at the University. he was the first national chief physician.

István Várkonyi, the director of the infectious disease clinic, said in connection with this: on the basis of the data processed in the center, it is possible to decide on the organization of the health care system, the management of employees, and the reallocation of devices.

At the same time, the NNK may amend the vaccine prescribing descriptions or recommend new vaccines to the operative strain, he said.

He also said that the infectious disease clinic with 92 employees had been expanded and renovated from the nearly HUF 500 million received during the coronavirus epidemic, where a coordination center had also been set up.



Photo: MTI / Zsolt Czeglédi

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