In Hajdú-Bihar county, four young, talented artists and scientists received support in MOL’s Talent Support Program

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In Hajdú-Bihar county, four young artists and researchers have successfully applied for the MOL Talent Support Program, which will help the careers of 10-23-year-olds with a total of HUF 20 million this year. A total of 63 young applicants and their teams received support across the country, including young musicians, dancers, visual artists, performers, young practitioners, and researchers in informatics and astronomy in addition to mathematics and science. Most have applied in the field of music, as buying an instrument is a serious investment for a middle-income family. Young talent will receive support as pre-financing.

In 2021, a total of 275 applications were received in the art and science categories of the Talent Support Program, and the amount applied for was more than six times the available budget. After the evaluation of the expert jury, the board of trustees of the MOL Foundation, which announced the application, decided that a total of 63 young people would win the application grant. The most successful members of the 10-18 age group received a total of HUF 15 million in support, while young people aged 19-23, who had previously received a foundation grant, could apply for a total of HUF 5 million in the Classic category.

The winners of Hajdú-Bihar county

Balázs Zoltán Kertész, astronomy, Debrecen

The 18-year-old has demonstrated his skills in science in numerous math and physics competitions, with a current focus on astronomy and astrophysics.

The grant is intended to provide a high-quality astronomical telescope to help prepare for the International Student Conference on Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Oparauo Petra Nneka, Biology, Debrecen

The 17-year-old student finished 11th at the biology OKTV last year and wants to be a research doctor.

He is currently researching the ability of plant cells to absorb and reflect light. You want to buy a PH measuring device, an automatic pipette and a photometer for your work with the help of the tender.

Customs Bendegúz, mathematics, Debrecen

The 14-year-old student has won numerous podium places in math competitions over the past two years, but in addition to math, he is also interested in astronomy, computer science and robotics. He also enjoys playing music, playing the trumpet and performing with two bands on a regular basis.

You want to buy a laptop from the support, which you can take with you to various competitions.

Classic category (19-23 years):

Anikó Barna, folk music, Hajdúnánás

The 22-year-old is currently a teacher of zither, cone and scroll at the Liszt Ferenc University of Music and a teacher of folk music theory. He has been playing the newly formed Helka Banda koboz since last year. During the epidemic, he launched his own YouTube channel, where he uploads custom adaptations and tutorial videos. He regularly conducts zither joyful music at the Fonó Buda Music Hall. You will receive a reel instrument and case from the support.

The members of the jury this year were Márton Devich, channel director of Bartók Radio, Ágnes Pázmány, teacher of visual education, deputy head of the Apor Vilmos Catholic College in Vác and Szabolcs Pertis, teacher of mathematics and physics, and folk musician. Their primary judging criteria was the applicants’ success so far and the justification of their current needs. Most have applied in the field of music, as buying an instrument is a serious investment for a middle-income family. Young talent will receive support as pre-financing.

Through MOL’s public benefit foundation, it has been embracing young talent since 2006; so far, it has helped the development of more than 3,000 young people preparing for artistic or scientific careers. The full list of beneficiaries is available on the MOL Foundation’s website.

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