A company in Debrecen is expanding – 15-25 people will be hired in 2022

Local News

Deufol Kft. is further expanding its team, which started operating in the southern economic zone of Debrecen in 2020. The community post of Lajos Barcsa, Deputy Mayor of Debrecen, shows that the company is currently a source of livelihood for 120 people, but now more jobs are waiting for applicants.

The company is looking for missing employees in two of the most common jobs. One is the packaging operator and the other is the production operator.

The company’s profile reveals that it employs 2,400 people on 3 continents and in 90 locations in 12 countries worldwide. They are global players in supply chain solutions and industrial packaging.

The video below shows what tasks await prospective employees.

Deufol manufactures packaging materials. For example, wooden crates, aluminum lining bags, pallets used for transport containers. They also deal with the packaging of industrial products using an automatic processing method, for which they also use cranes.



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