Man arrested for abusing his wife and attacking the police

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On November 22, the Berettyóújfalu District Court sentenced the man whom the police arrested based on the news of him beating his wife to four years in prison and banned him from practicing public affairs for four years. The defendant had previously beaten his own mother and the local postman. During the court hearing, it was revealed that not only the man but also the wife in the house and the defendant’s mother attacked the police officers taking action. They are thus second-and third-degree defendants in the case, details of which can be read below.

According to the court report, the police showed up at a property in Berettyóújfalu on March 15, 2020, at around 8:30 am because a report was received that a woman had been abused by her partner, G.T.

The man was disturbed by the uniform’s action several times, interfering loudly and holding his partner accountable for calling police officers to their house. The first-time defendant then attacked the patrols with his hands clenched into fists.

Police called for him not to obstruct the action, but then the man stated that he was not being taken anywhere and then demanded that he hide from his house. The man’s mother, the second-degree defendant in the case, came out of the house to shout loudly, and the man was made even more aggressive by the police, so police wanted to handcuff G.T. Seeing this, the second-degree defendant, G. S., began shouting at the uniformed people and wanted to disturb them from the property.

The woman also wanted to go to the first-rate defendant, but one of the police officers prevented her from doing so. G.T. meanwhile, she resisted the shackles and hit the officer.

The police officer applied tear gas to the man, who then fled into the bedroom in the house, where he was followed by his mother and partner, while constantly shouting at the officers.

Meanwhile, additional police units arrived at the scene and called on G.T. to cooperate with the authority. The man continued to threaten and shouted that he was not going anywhere, then scolded the police. The second and third order defendants, K. Á. – who had previously been abused by the first defendant – began to shout at the patrols and called on them to stop the measure and leave.

One of the policemen then walked over to the first-rate defendant, grabbed the man’s hand, grabbed the patrolman’s clothing, and tried to pull him away. Noticing this, the patrol companions used physical coercion on the man, leading him out into the foyer and then into the porch, where he was finally handcuffed. The man was constantly resisting, trying to withdraw from the measure, during which his partner also rushed to his aid. K. grabbed the clothes of one of the police officers and tried to pull him away from the man so that the first-degree defendant could escape. The woman was prevented from doing so by the police, but then the second-degree defendant went to the police officer who used physical coercion on her son and tried to pull her away. The three defendants continued to insult the police during the production.

Judge Dr. László Kiss assessed the proliferation of such and similar crimes as an aggravating circumstance during the reasoning of the verdict, as well as the fact that the first-degree defendant committed the crime under two previous suspended sentences. The judge said that

the first-time defendant had previously inflicted grievous bodily harm on his mother and beat the local postman,

for which he had to answer in court for violence against a person performing a public function. The execution of the two custodial sentences previously imposed was subsequently ordered by the judge.

The verdict of the District Court of Berettyóújfalu is not final, the prosecutor has allowed three working days to file a statement of appeal, while the accused and their defendants have taken note of the decision.

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