The “Move, Debrecen!” movement started

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There is a new opportunity for the people of Debrecen to preserve their health and prevent diseases.

The “Move, Debrecen!” movement offers both free screenings and regular sports opportunities, and all you need to do is pay attention to “Move, Debrecen!” group on Facebook!

According to the group’s latest entry, starting on October 26, all residents of Debrecen will be invited to a community movement on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so that regular exercise becomes part of everyday life! Beginner spine gymnastics and beginner yoga classes can be joined at four locations, as well as outdoor refreshing tournaments in three gyms for those looking to move!

Further information is also available at website.

With this slogan, we are launching a movement that includes a comprehensive health program that affects the entire population of the city. The pandemic draws even more attention to the importance of disease prevention, exercise and a healthy lifestyle. With the help of the experts of the University of Debrecen, we have developed a health plan that encourages people living in our city to pay attention to their health: we provide sports opportunities and free health screenings.

– writes László Papp.

Photos: László Papp

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