Mihály Fazekas High School in Debrecen has been included in the top 10 grammar schools in Hungary

Local News

The ranking of the HVG grammar school in 2022 has been published, in which the Mihály Fazekas High School in Budapest, which had graduated many times in previous years, has returned to the first place, although it must be shared with the Eötvös József Secondary School in downtown Budapest. These are followed by two practicing high schools at ELTE.

It is gratifying that the Mihály Fazekas High School in Debrecen has also been added to the list – as the only top 10 regions. Last year, the Lovassy László Grammar School in Veszprém represented the rural high schools in the top 10 (as 10-11th place, tied with the capital).

This year, the Fazekas Mihály Grammar School in Debrecen became an outstanding 8 on the ranking .



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