Reconstruction Work of the Nyíl Street – Hadházi Road Junction

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The development is expected to increase the capacity of the intersection.


In cooperation with the Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt (NIF) and the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, the Municipality of Debrecen developed the strategy in 2019, through which the intersection of Debrecen with the narrowest cross-section can be rebuilt, mayor László Papp said.



The development process has begun, and several junctions have been renewed recently; including the roundabout on Balmazújvárosi út, and the intersection of Vágóhíd and Hajnal utca. After a long preparation, the work can start at the junction of Nyíl utca and Hadházi út.


Years ago, NIF planned a roundabout here, but according to the transport industry, building a roundabout so close to the already existing traffic light was not a possibility; it would have increased congestion in some cases. Consequently, a large set of traffic lights intersects at the intersection of Nyíl utca and Hadházi út. At the same time, a junction is being built at the intersection of Bem tér and Füredi út, where the right-side traffic receives a separate lane, thus facilitating improved traffic flow. The public utility replacement work began in February.

József Pántya, the road development director of NIF, emphasized that the development will be implemented from HUF 1 billion 150 million. A consortium of three companies won the open public procurement.


The pavement will be 454 meters long at 12,000 square meters, with the installation of 1,700 cubic meters of asphalt, he added. The poles supporting the overhead lines of the tram are also being rebuilt. The development will completely change the geometry of the node. We put a lot of emphasis on coordinating the two traffic light nodes at the end of the work, Pántya said.


The works are expected to be completed by the end of May 2022.


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