The 5th Debrecziner Gourmet Festival begins in the Big Forest of Debrecen

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The combination of Mangalica, chili and plum will be the focus at the 5th Debrecziner Gourmet (DG) festival, the three-day gastronomic event will start on Friday in the Big Forest of Debrecen, the main organizer of the meeting told MTI.

According to the announcement of Sándor Kerekes, the audience can also meet the dishes of more than thirty exhibitors, including the young chef of the Year, Ádám Mede, the Michelin-starred chef, Ádám Mészáros and Ádám Barna, on the shores of Lake Békás.

Those who visit the event can experience at the same time and in one place where the actors who represent the top in Hungary today are, be it fine dining restaurants, fine bistros, food trucks or excellent small producers – he said, noting: Debrecen offers an important opportunity during the festival, which undertakes to present local, high-quality gastronomy, which is strongly supported by the Stylish Rural Restaurant Association.

He recalled that at the first event, in 2016, the pair of sausages from Debrecen was the focus of the festival, in 2017 they focused on the authentic flavors of the Hortobágy National Park, and in 2018 a particularly exciting spice and hungaricum In 2019, the local value represented by the given exhibitor appeared in the food.

At this year’s festival, Mangalica pork, chili and plums will be the focus of the offer – explained Sándor Kerekes, adding that the dishes are prepared by the chefs of more than twenty Hungarian restaurants, but there are also representatives of quality street food in the Big Forest.

The festival is hosted by Claudia Liptai, who is accompanied by excellent chefs on the gastronomic stage: Ádám Mede (Laurel Budapest), Ádám Mészáros (Botaniq Turai Castle), Ádám Thür (Ikon Restaurant), László Ruprecht (SVÉT) will perform and cook.

Mátyás Pribojszki (Jumping Matt & His Combo) will perform on Saturday evening with harmonica, singer and songwriter, but on Saturday and Sunday, there will also be a fashion show inspired by French fashion at the festival.

According to Sándor Kerekes, the Debrecziner Gourmet Festival can only be attended in compliance with the applicable epidemiological regulations. Guests can attend the event with a security card and identity document, and in the case of minors, an escort with the same documents.

You can read more details on the event’s website.



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