Cristiano Ronaldo is not coming to Debrecen

Local News Sport

Cristiano Ronaldo will not travel to Debrecen for the Qatar-Portugal preparation match, which will be held on Saturday, National Sports has learned from Portuguese sources. The 36-year-old world star received a yellow card in the 97th minute of the World Cup qualifiers against the Irish after scoring a winning goal and taking off his jersey. It was CR’s second yellow in the qualifying series, so he certainly can’t play against Azerbaijan – the Portuguese national team gave him an outing, so he won’t travel to the Debrecen preparation match against Qatar.

Ronaldo played another interesting one in the match, but the referee didn’t notice. It can be seen from the shot that when CR is preparing for a free-kick, O ’Shea pushes the ball away. This Portuguese genius was so enraged that he slapped the Irish player in the face – let’s face it, the shaping of his O ’She Oscar would have been worth a yellow card.

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