Debrecen Printing House Already Preparing for the New School Year

Local News

The textbook supply for this year is secure: the production of 13.3 million textbooks are underway, all will be available in schools by the start of the school year in September – announced the Secretary of State for Public Education of the Ministry of Human Resources on 9 July 2021 in Alföldi Printing House of Debrecen, where he inspected the ongoing production.

Zoltán Maruzsa pointed out that as in the previous year, all pupils studying in public education and vocational training will be provided with free textbooks, for which 13 billion HUF will be devoted this year.  He also added that textbooks cost 7.5 billion HUF for the central budget before 2010, and 7.5 billion HUF had to be covered by families. The Secretary of State said textbooks are produced cheaper and in good quality in the state supply, even though the price of raw materials and live labour have also risen in the meantime.


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