Debrecen Armin Trade’s New Two-Thousand-Square-Metre Hall Has Been Opened

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The opening ceremony of the new logistics centre of Armin Trade Kft. was held on 6 July 2021.

Sándor Kovács, Managing Director of Armin Trade Kft. underlined at the opening ceremony of the second hall of the centre: as a professional distributor, the company distributes many brands in Hungary and in Europe. Their team of 75 is one of the key players of the domestic market, they have 100 per cent nationwide coverage, and enjoy the trust of thousands of Hungarian customers. The size of the new hall is 2,000 square metres, so now they are able to store 7,000 pallets of goods on an area of 4,000 square metres. Mayor László Papp pointed out: he is proud of the company that is able to establish centres in the Far East, in China and in Germany from Debrecen, and to create a trans-European distribution network. The mayor assured Armin Trade Kft. of his support. The aim is that the company can grow further in the coming years.

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